Takeaways from AI Marketing Revolution

Sean Watase, developer relations lead at Thirdweb, was the featured speaker in an HTDC webinar yesterday titled, “AI Marketing Revolution: How AI Is Transforming Content Creation.”

Watase is a Web3 enthusiast with experience in building NFTs, smart contracts, and building Dapps, and has started an AI agency called Blockstudio3 to introduce AI tools and automation to Hawaii businesses.

The key points from his presentation are below, but you can watch the full video here:

Embrace AI as the Next Evolution in Marketing

You likely remember the debates years ago over whether websites or social media were passing fads in marketing. Yet today they are integral, if not the backbone, of any marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence promises to bring about a similar revolution. AI should be viewed as a versatile tool that can make marketing far more efficient and effective when used properly. Here are some key takeaways:

Get ahead of the AI curve now. Just as early adopters of websites and social media gained a huge advantage, brands that find ways to successfully incorporate AI into their marketing efforts will see substantial benefits over laggards playing catch-up down the road. The technology is still evolving rapidly, so focusing on it now prepares you for the imminent future.

Use AI to enhance ideation, creation and growth. Key areas where AI can transform marketing include coming up with ideas and strategy, generating all types of content from writing to design, and accelerating audience and revenue growth through expanded reach. The key is finding the right AI tools for each task.

Focus on augmented creativity. AI works best currently as a creator’s assistant, not sole creator. The most effective approach is using AI to generate draft content, ideation or strategies, then have human creators refine it into polished end products. This balances quality and quantity.

Learn proper AI prompting. The way you frame requests and feedback impacts the relevance and usefulness of AI output. Approaching chatbots conversationally, as you would a human assistant, leads to better results than treating them like a search engine.

I hope these tips from the recent webinar help you start exploring ways AI can become a versatile asset for your marketing efforts moving forward. The technology will only continue rapidly advancing, so now is the time to test it out.

Summary generated by Claude by Anthropic based on an Otter transcript of the webinar.