Four AI Sessions Featured at East Meets West Conference

The annual East Meets West conference, organized by Blue Startups and one of the state’s largest tech events, will feature four separate sessions—a keynote and three panels—discussing different aspects of artificial intelligence.

The 2024 program includes:

Blitzscaling and AI: Cutting Through The Hype

This is a keynote presentation by Chris Yeh, General Partner, Blitzscaling Ventures, and co-author of the popular book “Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies.”

Regulating AI – Hawaiʻi Jumps into the Debate

I will be moderating this panel, which also includes Olin Lagon, Co-Founder & CTO, Shifted Energy and long-time AI practitioner and patent holder, Ryley Higa, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Sumo Logic, and Rep. Trish La Chica, a member of the Hawaii state legislature and co-sponsor of a bill to regulate AI deepfakes during election season.

Unleash Your Startup’s Potential with AI-Powered Marketing and PR Tools

Lisa Safina moderates this session, and features Adam RosenRonjini Joshua, and Megan Hall.

Blue Horizons – Harnessing AI for Ocean Sustainability

This panel will include speakers Nobu MoritaBrian Glazer, and Doreen Wong, moderated by Keith Matsumoto.

Limited tickets are still available for tomorrow’s full-day conference.