Two Teachers on Using AI in Education

For my monthly “Tech View” column in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, I explored whether and how artificial intelligence should be used in the classroom. I spoke with two teachers who are embracing AI, with the support of their respective institutions. I regularly push my luck trying to squeeze as much I can into the 700-word limit for the articles in print. Fortunately, there are no column inches to worry about online.

I spoke with Gabriel Yanagihara of ‘Iolani School, and Sam Anderson-Moxley of the West Hawaii Explorations Academy (WHEA) Public Charter School. Here are the questions I posed to these real-world innovators:

  • Question 1: What’s your take on the notion that AI is a way for students to cheat on essays and should be banned from student use?
  • Question 2: What support have your respective employers provided for your work with AI?
  • Question 3: Are your students taking AI and running with it? Do you see any concerns or hesitation with the next generation?
  • Question 4: Where do you see AI being the most helpful for educators? What should a tech-forward, curious teacher try with AI to get the best idea of its capabilities?
  • Question 5: What are your personal interests in AI, independent of your work in education?

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